Odds & Ends To Power Up Your Lottery Wins

A big win will change your life. Here's some information that will help you win more faster:


Not many people know this fact. I don't list it anywhere. But when you buy a PRO Custom Profile and the game changes its numbers later, I'll give you the new updated numbers for your PRO Custom Profiles.

Now, this is a BIG move for me, because I've sold quite a few PROs.

And the work to change them all is enormous. It sometimes takes a while to get through the backlog. But most players get theirs in a week or two.

All part of the service when you buy from me.

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There are quite a few games that still don't have their own PRO Custom Profiles.

Don't worry, I'm working on them and will release them as I finish each one. Keep reading my daily newsletter to stay up to date.