Bitcoin Vs Lottery... Which Gives The Biggest Payback For Your Buck?


There's quite a stir about Bitcoin these days. Investors like the Winklevoss twins pictured above - the first Bitcoin Billionaires - are making massive profits.

Or so they say. Although they might forget - this is on paper only. They still have to cash up, and to do that they need willing buyers.

All fine now while the digital coinage is finding its way in the world.

Unfortunately, apart from some well-publicised examples of real estate investors buying property with Bitcoin, the main users are not people like you, dear reader.


Instead they are folks living on the dark side of life, using digital money to avoid taxes and pay for unpleasant things, and conducting their finances under the table.

Now, Bitcoin vs Lotto. Which would you chose?

I'm pretty sure that if you were to put a fraction of the amount you'd invest in Bitcoin into lotto tickets - you would be taking less risk.


The Winklevoss twins are the first Bitcoin billionaires.

Here's why:

A Bitcoin is worth about US$9,385 right now (February 2018). That's approximately £6700, or AUD$11,800.

And as we've seen in the news, it could double - or halve.

Even so, that amount is a heap of lottery tickets. 

You could buy over 4,600 US Powerball or Mega Millions tickets with 1 Bitcoin.

But you shouldn't.

Because the lottery is not won by throwing vast sums of money at it. That theory has been tried many times.


Stefan Mandel, an extraordinary lottery winner who won over $25 million with his clever scheme.

This fascinating story reveals how one man  - Stefan Mandel - succeeded. Read his story: The Extraordinary Story Of A $27 Million Winner Who Won Playing An Obvious Strategy.

Generally these strategies don't work. The logistics are incredibly difficult.

For example, what if we could buy up all the Powerball ticket combinations in one game. 

Let's say we get a large, reputable organisation to fill them out. Now, JP Morgan Chase Bank is ideal, and it has about 189,000 employees to help us. 

So each employee will need to fill in about 1,546 Powerball tickets. 

If they spent 10 hours a day buying and filling out tickets for three days, this would mean each employee would need to fill out about 50 tickets per hour.

Let's not talk about the cost. Those 292 million $2 Powerball tickets would cost you US$584M.

So the answer is to forget about the Bitcoin moon shot - it is impossible to pull off for the normal guy.

And just get with winning week by week.

If you can spend $20-$50 a game, using the System, LottoPredict and PRO, you'll do just fine.